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A Home Away From Home: The George A. Jackson Black Cultural Center, Exhibition, Special Collections, and University Archives, Iowa State University


In 2018 Project STAND received a $92,000 grant from IMLS. In 2021 Project STAND received a $750,000 grant from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Collection Assessments

Collections assessments received from 59 institutions.

Linear Feet

Approximately 5051 linear feet of archival material.


Project STAND has a total membership of 89 institutions and contributors across the country

Activism Topics

There are a total of 12 student activism topics that include African American/Civil Rights, Vietnam/Anti-War, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+, Asian American, and Latinx

Born Digital/Digitized

There are 238 collections that are born digital/digitized


Project STAND has given out more than $80,000 of microgrants for digitization projects at Howard, FISK, South Carolina State, Tulane, University of Colorado and Kentucky.


Project STAND is now 5 years old!

Project STAND News

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We welcome Morgan Gieringer, University of North Texas's Head of Special Collections who just joined Project STAND!


We welcome Crystal Johnson, Carnegie Mellon University's Community Collections Processing Archivist, who just joined Project STAND!

Project STAND Next General General Meeting 11/17/2022

Resources for Archivists

  • Archiving Student Activisim Toolkit
  • Documenting Student Activisim Without Harm
  • Glossary of Studnet Activism
  • Project STAND CVB

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