Project STAND Resources

Student Activist, Archivist/Memory Worker, Teacher?
Whether you are an archivist/memory worker documenting and highlighting the stories of marginalized communities, a student activist, or teacher looking at how to use these resources to integrate in your classrooms. STAND has a wealth of resources for you to use for free.

STAND Resources

Archivist/Memory Worker

  • Archiving Student Activism Toolkit
  • Documenting Student Activism Without Harm
  • Glossary of Student Activism
  • Project STAND Controlled Vocabulary
  • Student Collection transfer forms

Student Activist

  • Glossary of Student Activism
  • Residency Modules
  • Student Responses #BLM
  • Symposiums


  • College and University Responses/Reactions to murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor
  • Symposiums

Getting involved with the Student Activism Toolkit led to really great connections accross the archival community

Valencia Johnson, Project Archivist for student life – Princeton

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